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BIP Immersive Bootcamp

A 20 hour “Deep Dive” in Innovation Strategy

1 – 3 February 2018

The 3rd edition of the Business Ignition Programme started full steam with a “Deep Dive” in innovation strategy. Twelve novel technology-based projects were exposed to a 20 hour immersive bootcamp on Blue Ocean Strategy® – an innovative approach focusing on strategic blue ocean thinking for sharpened business cases.

The immersive boocamp held at CIIMAR from 1- 3 February 2018 aimed to provide a “facilitated innovation pressure cooker for ideas” –  allowing ideas to raise from concepts to sustainable business models for new products, processes and services. Based on fast track to innovation process, BIP teams from U.Porto, CIIMAR and INESC TEC had the opportunity to explore and apply a set of disruptive tools and methodologies for the development of their business ideas, such as Value Innovation, Strategic Canvas, ERRC Grid, etc. For the next 12 weeks with the support from mentors, methodologies and resources, the business models will be iterated and validated on the market.

The 12-week BIP journey has started!