Ana Lopes

Strategic Marketing

André Rocha


Artur Costa

Innovation Management & Business Development

Ashley Stevens

Technology Transfer

Carla Rodrigues

Legal Counselling, Ethics in Life Sciences

Carlos Melo Brito

Innovation, Business Strategy and Marketing

Cláudio Fernandes

Creating and Managing Digital Businesses

Cristina Fonseca

B2B Software, Entrepreneurship

David Mourão

Communication and Personal Branding

Diogo Bastos

Venture Capital Investment

João Paulo Dias Ferreira

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

João Porto

Marketing, Sales and Negotiation

John Lambe

Management, Entrepreneurship, and Mentoring of Start-Ups

Katja Tschimmel

Creativity and Design Thinking

Manuel Aroso

Business ethic, multicultural and Organization decision making

Maria Costeira

Advisor for Health & Nano Technologies, Angel Investment

Maria Semedo

Venture Capital Consultancy

Marta Ferreira

Pharma & Cosmetics, Regulatory Affairs

Miguel Martins

Entrepreneurship and Online Sales Channels

Natacha Fontes

Innovation of products, processes, and organization

Patrícia Soares da Costa

Branding and Communication

Paulo Feliz Santos

Sales and Marketing

Rui Escaleira


Teresa Chaves

Workspace Design and Productivity

Tiago Rebelo

Engineering Design & Advanced Manufacturing

Vinit Nijhawan

Supply Chain Consultancy

Constant updating